Riot 77

Riot 77 & The Devil On 45

Riot 77
The latest editions of Irish zines Riot 77 & The Devil On 45 are on sale now.

The latest editions of Irish zines Riot 77 & The Devil On 45 are on sale now.

The Devil On 45
’The Devil On 45’ is an independently published zine focussing on the weirder side of music, from censorship, the music culture and folklore. From the controversial to the downright outsider, and everything in between. Issue 3 is out now!! List of shops and distros to follow, get in contact: In this Issue.

Goin Down The River  – Prison blues, spirituals and reels from the 1939 Southern Sates Recording Trip of John, Alan and Ruby Lomax – article by Ed Hannon accompanied by two compact discs for your listening pleasure!

Visual Vitriol -The Not-So-Secret History of Punk Posters by David Ensminger

An interview with the author of  ’Please Don’t Feed The Bears’  the heavy metal vegan cookbook written Brad aka Asbjorn Intonsus and interviewed by Jamie Grimes

For Those About to Pop, We Salute You! – A Subjective Overview of the Abba Catalogue’ by Boz Mugabe

An Interview with Nik Cohn author of ’Triksta – Life and Death and New Orleans Rap’ by Ed Hannon.

Circus Music – The Music Industry on Film by Gianni Simone

The excellent artwork of Casey Redmond including a one page introduction to the one man band McRorie!

3.50 euro. Including 2 free cds

Issues 1 and 2 still available.
[email protected]
Riot 77
Issue # 12 of Irish Punk fanzine Riot 77 is now available for the miserly price of €3, or alternatively you can order it direct for €5 cash postpaid worldwide (€5.50 paypal) from:

Riot 77 Magazine:  31 St Patrick’s Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Ireland. [email protected]

This issue features interviews with Joe “Shithead” Keithley of DOA, Gerry “Useless” Hannah of the Canadian Subhumans and Vancouver Five infamy, the legendary Blag Dahlia from the Dwarves, the Colonol JD Wilkes of hillbilly kings Th* Legendary Shack Shakers, Vic Ruggiero of New York City’s finest Reggae/Soul exponents The Slackers, Mike McColgan of Boston’s latest and greatest Street Dogs and finally an exclusive interview with original northside Dublin proto Punk group The Threat.  Naturally enough there’s also the slew of reviews (records, gigs, books, DVD’s) and exclusive live photos to wade through. 

Available through the following independent outlets:

In Dublin through Freebird Records (Wicklow Street) and Scampkid Distro ([email protected] )
In Kerry through Rimbaud Distro ([email protected] )
In Sligo through Fwintollav Distro ([email protected] )

In London through All Ages Records (27A, Pratt Street, Camden Town.) 
In Brighton through the Punker Bunker (34 Sydney Street, Brighton)
In Ipswich through Know Your Product (13 Eagle Street, Ipswich)
In Leeds through Bald Cactus ([email protected] )
In the northeast through Negative Reaction ([email protected] )

United Kids ( )

Bronco Bullfrog ( )

Run and Hide ([email protected] )
Dirtnap/Green Noise Records (2615 SE Clinton St, Portland, Oregon)

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