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Riot 77 Issue 14

Riot 77Issue # 14 of Irish Punk fanzine Riot 77 is out now.

Issue # 14 of Irish Punk fanzine Riot 77 is out now.

Issue # 14 of Irish Punk fanzine Riot 77 is now available in Dublin from Freebird Records (Wicklow Street), Horror Business (Crow Street, Temple Bar) and Scampkid Distro ([email protected]) for the measly sum of 3 Euros.

This edition features interviews with Chatham’s finest export Billy Childish, Brooklyn Latina graphic artist Cristy C. Road, Midwestern America’s Off With Their Heads, Holly Golighty’s latest endeavour The Brokeoffs and lastly the god father of New York Hardcore, Mr Vinnie Stigma of Agnostic Front. Elsewhere Brian Young of Rudi/The Sabrejets remembers the great Lux Interior of The Cramps. Naturally there is also the slew of reviews (records, gigs, books, DVD’s) and exclusive live photos you’ve come to expect.

Riot 77 is available in the U.K. through Bald Cactus in Leeds, That’s Not Skanking in Manchester, The Punker Bunker in Brighton, All Ages in London and Trev Howarth in the Northeast. In France through UVPR, Spain through Bronco Bullfrog and the U.S. through Run & Hide distro and Green Noise Records (Portland, Oregon) … alternatively for 5 Euros elsewhere you can have it delivered straight to your door!!!! Simply send some well-concealed cash to below Box Number or paypal email address.

Riot 77 Magazine: PO Box 11342, Dublin 2, Ireland.

[email protected]

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