Hope Zine #1 – What Does Punk Mean To You?

A new zine from Hope as main man Niall McGuirk asks “What does punk mean to you?”

Hope Zine is the latest publication from the Hope Collective. This fanzine asked the same question of a number of people involved with punk rock “What does Punk Mean To You”. The resulting answers are laid out on 28 A4 pages.

Whether it is Boff Whalley talking about being “a child of punk and I grew up with it stuck in my belly” or Sean Forbes detailing how “punk is everything to me” the 28 contributors all have something to add to the topic.

Of course it is not all punk rock saved my life. Karren Ablaze calls it the “staggering donkey of punk rock” but amongst it all there is a sense that community is out there somewhere and for those involved punk rock is a community that can achieve so much.

To get your hands on a copy send €3 to Hope at 31 Hazel Road, Donnycarney, Dublin 9, Ireland, or email [email protected]

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