Hatred Of Music Issue 1 Out Now

Ian Maleney’s Hatred Of Music blog has made the leap from TotallyDublin.ie to the printed form and the first issue is available now.

Fallow Field Music & Press is pleased to announce the first of its printed products, the Hatred Of Music zine.

Hatred Of Music began as a blog on the Totally Dublin website, written by Ian Maleney, covering music and the structures that support it on artistic, communal and intellectual levels. The brief was to look at the ways that the act of making music influences and is influenced by technology, legislation, time and space – both on and offline. The aim was to better understand these things and figure out how we ourselves can make positive changes to what is going on around us.

Hatred Of Music is now a bi-monthly print zine covering the same ground. Each issue will feature four or more long-form articles, interviews, opinion pieces, reviews and reportage.

Issue One is now available and it features an interview with Danish noise linchpins Damien Dubrovnik, thoughts on a potential future for arts criticism, a look at the place of corporate sponsorship in music with a focus on Red Bull Music Academy (including interviews with Pete Swanson, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Justin Snow and more) and a personal reflection on new music burnout.

These pieces will only be available in print.

A limited first edition run of 50 copies is available now from the Fallow Field webstore and you can also pick it up at independent establishments such as Dublin’s Elastic Witch, Plugd in Cork and various Wingnut Records shops around the country.

Each issue will be priced at €5, with postal subscriptions of 3 and 6 issue-durations available from hatredofmusic.com. Subscribers will receive “exclusive surprise extras at random intervals”.

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