Groom Doom Gloom Looms

Groom jilt themselves at the rock altar

The nation shuddered.

Mike Stevens, heartless troubadour at the helm of everyone’s favourite alt pop rockers, took to the internet today to announce that Groom are no more.

“I’m sorry to announce that Groom are to break up!”


There were no implicatons of any in band cat fighting or anything salacious that we at a rag like Thumped could get excited over, just the sad news that after last years excellent and well received ‘Bread and Jam’ LP they’re to call it a day, with two more shows and then that’s that. Cry.

We’re going to play a penultimate gig at the kid-friendly Popical Island 5th Birthday all-dayer, which is on this coming Saturday and features loads of deadly bands (see link below).

So, for folks with kids, if you plan to go to that we’re on early-ish. And then we’ll do a farewell gig on March 7th in the Pop Inn on Little Britain Street.

It’d be great if folk could make it to one of these and give us a proper old send-off to celebrate what has been a very enjoyable 10 years.

Oh and :(8(

Make sure and see them one last time at least!

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