Large Mound: Another Year Of Rock – Maybe Means Maybe

The final instalment of Large Mound‘s 12 month album project Another Year Of Rock is set for release on Christmas Day.

Check back here on Sunday to have a listen… And it’s just gone live now

Large Mound decided to release their 4th album over a 12 month period, 1 song per month. Well this is it, the final song. Large Mound have covered plenty of new ground this year and for the last song they tackle Metal head on in a way they have often threatened to.

So what now? Another Year Of Rock’s release has been a low key online thing. Now that it exists as an album we are very proud of it and want to see this though to its logical conclusion with a physical release and gigs in 2012.

Thanks a lot.

Anthony, Mark & Hugh.

With help from: Eric Stover, Anthony Darby, Alan Murphy, Stephen Quinn, Kris Poulin, David Dubh Black, Peter Sisk, Antimo Puca, Ian Lawton, Jason Frederick, Robert Holt, David Mackey, Harry Stover, Eva Boyle, Joss Moorkens, Fiachra McCarthy, Joel Mackey, Elliott Mackey, Gavin Beattie, Paul Shanahan, Dudley Colley, Graham Mackey, Danian Coleman, Craig Keeney, Johnny McMonagle, Hank, Stephen Sheridan, Conor Talbot, Hugo Amo, Alun Smyth, Yasuyo Kitano, Liam Murphy and Ruan Van Vilet.

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