Hi Beats Lo – Days You Get

Have a listen to Days You Get, the recently released debut album from transnational cloud-based indie rockers Hi Beats Lo

[iframe style=”border: 0; width: 105%; height: 120px;” src=”https://thumped.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/transparent=true5″ seamless Days You Get by hi beats lo]

The band is made up of all four former members of Venus Envy, but this is by no means a reformation:

Hi Beats Lo is an independent four-piece band from Ireland who have just released their debut album Days You Get. The band formed gradually over the last few years, beginning with a simple collaboration. Barcelona resident Eugene got together to record with former bandmate Alan while visiting Dublin. It was fun, but with not enough time to finish everything, the project developed into an online collaboration, sharing files back and forth, and finally coming up with something to hear. A song.

More back and forth, another song or two. Old friends came into it, Maura and Bella, the original line-up of 90s Dublin group Venus Envy. What wasn’t technologically possible in the 90s became possible.The sharing intensified, and the seeds of a new album emerged. Days You Get is about that connection people have, how it can grow and fade.

So no, Hi Beats Lo is not a new, new band. They have lives apart. So they get together to play and record, but being in the same place, physically or musically, is not a priority.

The music is rich-textured guitar sounds over electronic-inflected backgrounds, real drums and drum machines, male and female voices. Beginning with the bones of a song, be it alt rock (Throwing Myself In) or stark tension (The Shill), the band members contribute their parts via their shared cloud, from wherever they are. What’s added in gets stripped back, and the resulting songs on the first album are melodic and mature, varied in their delivery. There’s immediate pop in the first few songs. Different voices and singing styles get explored, from the sultry Folly, to the melancholy Quiet Light Still, closing with the slow burning I Will Always.

You can grab the album right now for €5 (or more) from http://hibeatslo.bandcamp.com/

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