Drunken Boat Fundit Campaign

Drunken Boat have launched a fundit.ie campaign to cover the cost of their new album, with some… interesting rewards available.

We have nearly completed our latest release. It’s the third Drunken Boat album in just over two and a half years and our fourth to date. We spent a year writing this one and put a lot of hours in to making the songs as good as we could.

Simon joined us playing bass just after “Concrete Canyons” so there’s four of us now. It’s a more straight ahead affair than the others with a lighter side to it but we’ve still got the rocky/sloppy/alternative/folky thing going on!

We recorded it with Steve Shannon from Strands in Experimental Audio who has recorded Groom, Crayonsmith, Adrian Crowley, The Dinah Brand, Norabelle and Cap Pas Cap.

It’s a hi-fi record that sounds big and rich. The album will be pressed on heavy-weight vinyl and will also be available to download from bandcamp. There will be no CDs! Ste from Opposable Thumbs is designing the artwork. We are also working on a video.

We have fallen in to a fair bit of debt at this stage so what we would like you to do is pre-order the album here on Fund It. We are offering a couple of different choices to sweeten the deal.

And sweeten the deal they have: Available rewards include dinner with the band, a song written just for you, a Gibson SG guitar or a date with Drunken Boat drummer Dror…



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