Mia Sparrow – [mee-uh-spar-o]

Mia Sparrow released their debut album [mee-uh-spar-o] last Friday. Have a listen.

[vimeo 36958545]

Scroll down to check out their video for album opener China’s Gonna Help Us Out.

Formed in the summer of 2009, Dublin/New York based Mia Sparrow are Caroline, Paul and Ger. They use guitars, drums, synth, omnichord and samples to make glitchy, fuzzy noise firmly rooted in melody.  

‘[mee-ah-spar-o]’ is their debut album which was recorded and mixed by Marc Aubele in Muel Studio, Rathgar. This release will be their 2nd on the independent label Flaming June following on from their debut single Death of a Decibel’ released in July 2011.


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