Tin Charm – The Engine Is Bleeding

Have a listen to an exclusive stream of The Engine Is Bleeding, the debut LP from Tin Charm.

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Now this I like. Tin Charm is a band constructed from former members of Sunbear, Future Kings Of Spain & The Ruby Tailights but as they say themselves, they sound nothing like those bands. They namecheck Dinosaur Jr, Slint, Mission of Burma… but by now you’re probably about halfway through album opener SN and will have come to your own conclusions.

Tin Charm are Martin Kelly (Sunbear/RubyTailights) on vocals/guitar, Patrick Moran (Sunbear/Ruby Tailights) on drums and Anton Hegarty (Future Kings of Spain/Alazarussoul/the619andersen) on bass.

They set about writing an album with the simple plan of creating the space and the edge of the classic 3-piece sound, blending wood, steel and blue-collar americana. The songs are short and sharp and rarely exceed 3 minutes.

The Engine Is Bleeding was recorded by Alan O’Boyle of Decal / Legion of Two and mastered by Stephen Quinn at Analog Heart. It will be released on 31st October on vinyl & the ubiquitous Bandcamp download. There’s an official release gig on November 28th in The Odessa Club and you can stalk Tin Charm on facebook for more details about that and other Tin Charm business.

In Fear
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