The Hollows - Wolves

The Hollows – Wolves

Wolves is taken from The Hollows‘ album ‘Broken Notes For Winter Homes’, out now on Slow Loris.

The Hollows - WolvesSlow Loris is proud to present ‘Broken Notes For Winter Homes” the new EP by Dublin duo The Hollows. Their new release sees the duo embracing more electronic influences while maintaining the same intimacy of their earlier releases. Analog synths, manipulated tape loops and field recordings rest alongside organs, electric guitars and hushed vocals to create warm and gentle electronic folk songs. The EP comes in beautifully designed packaging by Stumptown printers. Stumptown Printers is a worker owned cooperative print shop based in Portland, Oregon. They print using letterpress and offset printing techniques. Their Printing methods emphasise environmental responsibility by using vegetable based inks, alcohol free dampening systems and low impact press room chemicals.

“Broken Notes for winter homes” will be made available exclusively through Road Records in Dublin for the first week of it’s launch.


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