LPX – Jake’s Lament

Jake’s Lament, taken from LPX‘s Seventeen EP released earlier this year.

 Jake’s Lament, taken from LPX‘s Seventeen EP released earlier this year.

LPX is Kildare man Leigh O’Gorman (LPX for shortness).  He specialises in brooding punk infused experimental electronica, as heard on three recent (and highly recommended) releases, Seventeen, Experiments in Dub and HiFi and Easy Music for Difficult Ears. On LPX releases he provides the (occasional) vocals, the programming, the production AND plays all the instruments and is also the man behind The Electric Fix, a musical collective running gigs around Dublin as well as occasionally releasing CD’s and the like.  Leigh says his music sounds like "a bunch of nerds in a small room dropping acid".  When performing live (and in studio) Leigh prefers to use Reason 2.5, Cubase SX along with piano’s, guitars, percussion and anything else he can get his hands on.

In his spare time, he writes for the music orientated blog, Easy Music for Difficult Ears.

LPX – Jake’s Lament (9mb) {mp3}LPX-Jakes_Lament{/mp3}
LPX has a new EP due for release on Friday August 1st on Drunken Lust Records, with a launch show in Dublin on 1st August and an appearance at the Mantua Festival in Roscommon on August 2nd, "…and anywhere else that will have him that Bank Holiday weekend."
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