King Champion Sounds – Different Drummer

You’ve made me a happy man listening to this‘ – Niall McGuirk on Different Drummer from King Champion Sounds.

[iframe style=”border: 0; width: 105%; height: 142px;” src=”” seamless Different Drummer by King Champion Sounds]

The Ex has a sound that G.W. Sok’S voice was very much part of. He left the band a few years ago but that sound still resonates. GW has a new offering now under the name King Champion Sounds. They really should be called King Champion Eclectic Sounds because that’s what you get here. What a mix of styles and sound and genres – it’s a combination of all their record collections. If that was me then the sound would be pretty much straight forward punk rock with some sing along chorus and a bit of folk thrown in for good measure.

However I used to get tapes from King Champion Sounds guitarist Ajay, former Bent Moustache, Dandelion Adventure and Donkey man and the sound on those were as eclectic. There would always be the Fall, always some dub reggae, maybe some jazz, some minutemen and a bit of punk thrown in for good measure. That probably sums up a chunk of this record. Ajay, no doubt, has progressed on to some more world music and brass everywhere as the 8 songs travel around the world.

There’s bass riffs, funky and pounding. There’s brass riffs at times to complement the dreamy guitar. Some of it is trance like and some of it will have you bopping in the kitchen. Of course I’ve mentioned The Ex and you kind of have to with GW being in the band. Orbit Macht Frei has a monologue about television whilst the bass and drums pound out a rhythm. It all moves along nicely, exploding with sound every so often and drifting back into beauty.

This is a real gem. Thanks King Champion Sounds, you’ve made me a happy man listening to this.

Track By Track
Here We Go Again – Groovy Ex style pounding bass supported by brass
Orbit Macht Frei – Fast paced shoegaze with bass riff and drums, Beatnigs esque with mention of television and how it is a ruthless religion
Free-Dum Trail – Free jazz expression
World of Confusion – Bass riff driven, dreamy guitar – brass riff complementing it. Boogie on down
Shouting At The Moon – Dream sound, trance-like almost beautiful bass line in the background
Shop Drop – Jangling guitar driven by bass rhythm and dreamy, but brought back with the brass sound
El Problemo Grande – Eastern sound moody and slow, no vocals
MassiveMissiveMessage From The Weird Mouth – Radio Frequency dial turned from World War Missive Memories of the membranes and their meandering songs with Mike on backing vocals

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