Baroness – Live At Maida Vale

Not at all happy with Baroness‘ MORM leanings, Dudley still thinks Live At Maida Vale is “a pretty enjoyable, if unessential listen“.

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Following nothing less than total adoration for their “Blue” LP, this writer was in coniptions of excitement when the news passed that Baroness were to unleash a double LP, ‘Yellow and Green‘. Despite initially dazzling with some of the most astounding production ever committed to an alt-metal LP, the project revealed itself to be massively disappointing. A couple of unavoidable flashes of brilliance were mired down by a sense that the band were aiming to dilute ther potency to grab hold of a more commercial fanbase, middle of the road metal or MORM as I’ll elect to call it fruitlessly from now on.

And now, we have this stopgap EP, a session recorded for the BBC while on tour. Thankfully it picks the finer fruit from the LP, and is mostly a pretty enjoyable, if unessential listen. ‘Take My Bones Away‘ and ‘March to the Sea‘ remain by far the two strongest tunes, and the others here are fine, and a decent testament to their live prowess.

Shortly into touring for ‘Yellow and Green‘ the band famously survived an awful bus crash in the UK. While I wish it had never happened, perhaps it’ll prompt a less cynical path for the band, and they’ll deliver us their ‘Pink’.

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