Young Hearts – We Love Yule, December 4th

The Young Hearts Run Free collective are back for Christmas with We Love Yule (December Will Be Magic Again) on 4th December.

The Christmas Young Hearts – We Love Yule (December Will be Magic Again) will take place on Saturday 4th December, at The Complex, Smithfield Plaza, Smithfield, Dublin 7 from 7.30pm until late.

Live acts will start at 8.30pm, as we have a lot to get through,and the night will be in a hootenanny kind of style, moving between two stages, and will feature performances from the brilliant Dónal Lunny, Alison O’Donnell (Mellow Candle) & Bajik, The Dudley Corporation, The Natural History Museum, Valerie Francis, Rory Grubb, NiamhMcCormackSings, and record battles between Brainbeat (Peter Toomey) and Greenbeat (Daragh O’Halloran), and George Rogers and Ray Ruddle, and other contributions from Eamon Sweeney, YHRF, visuals by Giita Hammond and other treats such as Donal Dineen interviewing Dónal Lunny.

There will also hopefully be very special guests appearing, like a beautiful mist around midnight or so.

Thank you for all your support this year, you cannot imagine how much it is appreciated.

Young Hearts Run Free
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But wait – there’s more:

The Christmas literary Young Hearts will take place on Sunday 5th December, at the Unitarian Church 112 St. Stephen’s Green West, Dublin 2 at 3pm. Admission is ten euros. There will, as ever, be tea and cake, and mulled wine, and the afternoon will feature readings on the subjects of Magic and The Road Less Travelled from singer, songwriter and painter Martin A. Egan, writer and comic David O’Doherty, and poet Nell Regan. It will also feature a musical performance from the very graceful Margie Lewis.

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