Young Hearts @ The Fringe

Young Hearts send word of their events at this year’s Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival, with Mafama, Jet Setter, Alisdair RobertsSunken FoalPatrick Kelleher & more

WOO! OOH! These are the kinds of sounds we have been making in Young Hearts Towers since roping in the Icelandic band Mafama, and Scottish artist Alasdair Roberts to come over from their beautiful homelands, to join us in the Freemasons for our Nineteenth Autumn event on Saturday 19th September. They are both going to “BRING IT”.
But there’s MORE.
Also in the realm of “BRINGING IT” are the other stellar artists in the line-up. I don’t know if I have written it here before, but I think Sunken Foal is one of the best artists in the country, and beyond, and Patrick Kelleher‘s musical performances are as exciting as they are intelligent. Dancer Philip Connaughton is hugely esteemed in the dance community, and it’s a pleasure to introduce him to a diverse audience for a special Yeats-infused piece, and comic Alison Spittle is one of the most charming, erudite and surreal minds out there.
We also are so happy to have Jet Setter back in the fold, they are making ripples at home and abroad, Stereogum say, “what The Strokes might have sounded like with Jarvis Cocker out front”, which makes us smile. But don’t worry if you don’t like The Strokes or Jarvis Cocker, they are also NOT them, they’re their OWN THING.
There will be SURPRISE guests, cake, and Tiger Beer. Again, if you don’t like Tiger Beer, don’t worry, it’s its OWN THING, and it will all be okay.
That’s a week on Saturday, but not forgetting, before then, we have our more talky-talky event on Monday 14th September – Life Has Surface Noise, which is in the Peacock at the Abbey. We are so excited, and think it’s going to be a special night. Where else would you get Wes Anderson collaborator Annie Atkins, psychogeographer and writer Karl Whitney, and broadcasters and all-round-good-guys-with-crazy-music-knowledge Stevie Grainger, Nialler9, and Peter Toomey? The Peacock next Monday, that’s where!

You can find out more about Young Hearts and their events over at

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