Young Hearts Run Free: Yellowgreen towards Sutton – Saturday 15th June

Word from Young Hearts of an event they’re organising this Saturday afternoon with Adrian CrowleyTieranniesaurSeán Mac Erlaine, Donal Dineen and Mike Stevens.

This Saturday 15th June, we are going to have a little event in the Martello Tower in Sutton. We are actually going to walk from the Howth Summit around 1pm in conjunction with the annual “Sensual Walk” celebrating Kate Bush, Joyce, and Howth (thanks to Seán Twomey) and walk down to the Tower, but if you cannot do that, then you could meet us at the Tower for 2pm, where there will be a bbq and performances inside (as well as outside, depending on the weather) from a really wonderful collection of musicians; Adrian Crowley, Tieranniesaur, Seán Mac Erlaine, and Mike Stevens (Groom, Lie Ins, Skelocrats), with a couple of surprises to be announced at the end of the week.

You can bring your own tea, whiskey, prosecco, milk, whatever you like, and we will provide bits and bobs of cakes and bbq things, and we will be finished around 4.30pmish.

Do pass the word around if you can. Tickets are €10 and places can be reserved by email, as we have quite a limited capacity for this one.

Also, children are most welcome!

Now with added Donal Dineen reading extracts from Ulysses.

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