Voided By Ponces

Voided By Ponces – The Classic Lineup, Live

Voided By PoncesOne of Ireland’s top Guided By Voices tribute acts Voided By Ponces play Anseo this Saturday afternoon at 4pm.

One of Ireland’s top Guided By Voices tribute acts Voided By Ponces play Anseo this Saturday afternoon at 4pm.

Voided By Ponces will convene upstairs in Anseo, Camden Street, for an exclusive performance of songs that they have (kind of) learned. This will be the only Voided By Ponces performance in the Camden Street area that day.

Voided By Ponces (The Classic Line-Up):
Anseo, Camden Street, Dublin:
Saturday 18th September 2010: 4-7pm:
Free Admission

Get there early to avoid* disappointment!

– Stephen William Hawking

This band makes me feel like a kid again
– Barack Hussein Obama II

four of them wear glasses you know
– Germaine Greer

They wouldn’t let me join
– Richie Sambora

I’m totally gay for the drummer
– James Gandolfini

* Disappointment is a subjective emotion and therefore cannot be guaranteed by the members of Voided By Ponces


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