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News on forthcoming events from Skinny Wolves, including Meneguar, Numbers & Fist Fite.

Word from Skinny Wolves on some of their upcoming events:


MENEGUAR (USA, Troubleman Unlimited)

Friday 28th September, The Boom Boom Room, (Above Conways Pub), Parnell Street, Dublin
Doors 8.30pm / Adm 10e

Meneguar is an indie rock band whose members had played under previously different arrangements and names, but which reached its current form in 2004 in Brooklyn, New York. The group released its debut CD, entitled ‘I Was Born at Night’, on the Magic Bullet label a year later. Like a messed up conglomeration of Black Lips and Q and Not U, with a little of The Flaming Lips thrown in for artistic sense, the band makes high energy pop that is addictively daunting and dauntingly addictive at the same time. ‘I Was Born at Night’ was remastered and re-presssed by Troubleman Unlimited in late 2006 and a new LP called ‘Strangers in our House’ is expected in September.

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NUMBERS (USA, Kill Rock Stars)

Wednesday 7th November, Whelans, Wexford Street, Dublin
Doors 8.00pm / Adm tbc

Formed in the fertile IDM-meets-post-punk training ground that was late 90s San Francisco, Numbers were once the premier dance-rock outfit with whom we found our salvation from the curse that was the coming of a new century. Now, however, Numbers are at the pinnacle of a new era of self realization and enlightenment.

Previously three individuals – Dave Broekema, Indra Dunis and Eric Landmark – taking turns at yelping, buzzerk-ing, pushing, shoving and coming together occasionally to make fight music for pyjama parties, now the trio are producers of one, immense, singular sound – an epic, mind-driving sound, that appeals as much to the pop-trained ear as the aching heart or frazzled mind.


Friday 7th December, The Boom Boom Room, (Above Conways Pub) Parnell Street, Dublin
Doors 8.30pm / Adm tbc


"…See, Fist Fite is quickly becoming Portland’s "next big thing." A few months ago when the band was just a month-old, albumless duo Monroe got an email from Klaxons, a London-based trio that’s basically Earth’s next big thing. That fated message asked Fist Fite to open for Klaxons on its West Coast and U.K. tours. Though Monroe had been e-buddies with the lauded founders of "new rave" (a synth-heavy variation on disco-punk) since the days when they were a "shitty," non-"it" band, too, Klaxons’ invite was still as unexpected as it was awesome." Williamette Weekly – July 07


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