Torche – Dublin & Belfast, 21st & 22nd August

Torche have announced they’ll be wrapping up their European tour in August with a pair of Irish gigs.

They play The Grand Social in Dublin on Wednesday 21st August (tickets) and Auntie Annies in Belfast on Thursday 22nd August.

Led by vocalist/guitarist Steve Brooks (formerly of doom dropouts, Floor), Jonathan Nuñez and Rick Smith (also members of the grindcore outfit, Shitstorm) and new guitarist, Andrew Elstner, (former vocalist/guitarist for St. Louis’ Riddle of Steel), TORCHE have been steamrolling the underground-metal scene since their 2004 inception and made big waves in 2008 with the release of Meanderthal, their second full-length album. Winning accolades from the underground metal scene that had been the band’s main support up until then as well as a whole new crop of fans who were just taking notice for the first time; the mainstream indie rock community. With outlets like Pitchfork, Spin, Paste and Stereogum piling praise upon the band for their super heavy yet totally accessible brand of melodic metal, TORCHE soon found themselves on top of the underground metal heap, not to mention plenty of Year-End lists, most notably grabbing the #1 spot on Decibel Magazine’s Top 40 Albums of 2008. Songs For Singles followed in 2010, a eight-song mini album that further cemented TORCHE’s desire to lessen their reliance on the “bomb string” and write big rock songs. While considered by many to be stopgap release for the band (due to the number of songs and their relative shortness in length), it didn’t stop the press from continuing pour on their support on the band; It just kept them salivating for more. On their new and third proper full-length, Harmonicraft, TORCHE deliver a heaping helping of tasty riffs and “rip with a smile” melodic rock songs that are sure to propel them out of the underground metal scene and into the stratospheric realms of Rock N Roll demigods.

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