Thumped Is Ten III – Legion Of Two + Large Mound

thumpedisten03The third gig celebrating 10 years of features two bands with very, very different sounds…

The third gig celebrating 10 years of features Legion Of Two and Large Mound, two bands with very, very different sounds…

Thumped & POGO Presents:
Thumped Is 10 III
Legion Of Two & Large Mound
€10, 11pm, 12th September @ The Twisted Pepper

The third gig celebrating 10 years of features two bands with very, very different sounds…

:: Legion Of Two
A new project from Alan O’Boyle and David Lacey pits electronics against live drums and percussion for a dark, dense and noisy dirge. Huge basslines, slow pounding drums and feedback dominate. Industrial, dub and metal influences are shredded through old guitar pedals and cheap reverbs and reassembled into a driving and melodic force.

Alan O’Boyle is best known for his work in electronic music as Decal with a catalogue of eps and albums on labels like Satamile, Planet-Mu and Rotters Golf Club covering electro, techno and experimental music. He has also been involved in recording, production and/or remix duties with the likes of Redneck Manifesto, Two Lone Swordsmen, Jape, Super Extra Bonus Party and many, many more.

David Lacey is a Dublin based drummer and percussionist who has been behind a drum kit in some capacity since the late eighties. Since 1997 he has been heavily active in improvised music collaborating with local and international musicians and is also one of the driving forces behind the I+E Festival in Dublin.

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:: Large Mound
In the beginning things were scrappy: with 4-track tape experiments and a “here’s a riff, here’s a song” approach to writing. Since then the Mound have evolved into one of Ireland’s best rock bands, with two full length albums, extensive gigging experience, and mounting critical acclaim under their belts. The musical goal of combining downstroke rock, metal riffs and smart songwriting has remained constant tough. Reviewers have drawn comparisons with bands like Sebadoh, AC/DC, Fugazi, Dinosaur Jr, and Teenage Fanclub, and the band wouldn’t have too much of a problem with any of that.

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This will be Large Mound’s first gig in over a year (not counting their collaboration with The Dudley Corporation at One For The Road), so expect new songs.

Thumped Is Ten III – Earplugs Highly Recommended


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