Thumped Christmas Party: Groom, The Dudley Corporation, HUWWTD, Gary Showbiz

You are invited to the Thumped Christmas Party, with Groom, The Dudley Corporation, HUWWTD and Gary Showbiz & The Agents Of Disaster, next Saturday in The Workman’s Club in aid of A Little Lifetime Foundation is still going?! That’s what they cry, the internet people, whenever a hue and cry brings a glimpse of this venerable Irish institution into view. Yes, still going and going strong, but we’ve realised we’re not as good at Christmas parties as we used to be, in that we forgot to have them any more. Oops.

Well, 2014 sees that remedied and we’re back to see off the year with a terrific line up, and all in aid of A Little Lifetime Foundation. For more on their amazing and important work, please see here:

Groom bring to the party their superb new LP, “Bread and Jam”, The Corpo will play hits from last years “Everyone does everything wrong” (though really they should have a new lp, lazy swine). Noise masters Hands Up Who Wants To Die bring the noize and we’ll get to bear witness to the début of Gary Showbiz and the Agents of Disaster, a new project from the geezer behind Hot Colossus and Retarded Cop.

More importantly though, who’s bringing the egg nog?

The Christmas Caper
8pm, Saturday December 20th 
The Workmans Club, Dublin
in aid of A Little Lifetime Foundation

Tickets are €10 from

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