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The Jimmy Cake’s First Gig of 2010

The Jimmy CakeThe Jimmy Cake play their first gig of 2010 in The Odessa Club this Thursday.

The Jimmy Cake play their first gig of 2010 in The Odessa Club this Thursday, 14th January.

“Twenty Ten, eh? In which we will celebrate our tenth birthday and release our new material onto an unsuspecting, uncaring world. Are you all ready for this? No? Sorry. 

So, in further preparation for the recording and releasing of our new gear we’ll be playing it live, in a gig situation, high in the alpine wastes of the Odessa club’s 3rd floor, for the most discerning and knowledgeable of punter this Thursday, January 14th, year of the goat 2010, at the sociable hour of 9 oclock-ish for the paltry whack of ten euroblips for non members of said club. If you happen to be a member (you look lovely, sirslashmadam, are those new shoes?!!) then a crafty wink and a salient nod and you’ll be in. 

Be warned, capacity is limited, and if facebook is to be believed (never believe facebook) there will be gazillions of people there. 

Info on Odessa, including vague directions are here. Better directions here.

And finally, as it’s mere minutes away from Lisa’s Baby’s Due Date, she’ll be taking this show off, lest there be some spontaneous birthing on the stage ala some weird New York performance art, and will be replaced on the night by our new best friend, mister Patrick Kelleher on ivories.

Thanks as ever for you patronage, hope to see you in twennyten.”

The gig is one of the Live At Odessa sessions, a weekly event at The Odessa Club in Dame Court (opposite The Stags Head). Kick off is 9pm, and remember – there’s no support at these gigs, so get there on time. Admission is €10 for non-members.

In other Jimmy Cake related news, they have a blog at for all your Jimmy Cake needs.

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