The Jimmy Cake – First 2011 Live Dates

The Jimmy Cake return to the stage this week for their first two gigs of 2011.

Happy Eleven to you all. Our first gigs of the year will be this week, on Thursday evening in the Odessa club, and then the following night in the Mercantile, helping the splendiferous Hands Up Who Wants To Die launch their new album.

In the Odessa Club we hope to try out some new shizz on a “boutique” crowd. On Friday we just want to have some fun. Can’t we have some fun? Haven’t we earned that right? Isn’t life hard enough? Isn’t it?

After all that fun, we’ll be back in the studio putting the final touches to the new record, which will be out this year. When? we cannot yet tell. Why? What else would we be doing with ourselves? Furthermore, if you’re of the Galway persuasion, we’ll be rolling into the Rosin Dubh for Rawk and/or Roll this March the 19th. Be there, it’s what st. Patrick would want.

The Jimmy Cake
Thursday, 24th Feb, 
Odessa Club, 8.30pm onwards!/event.php?eid=112112685533938

The Richter Collective Presents
Hands Up Who Wants To Die (Album Launch)
The Jimmy Cake
Melodica Deathship
Wizards Of Firetop Mountain
and Party DJs
Doors 9pm till late
The Mercantile, Friday February 25th
€10 / €12 with a cd

and finally: “Rosin Dubh, Galway, March 19th will be a FREE gig. Oh, recession, will you ever stop GIVING?

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