The Bernard Shaw

The Bernard Shaw – 3rd Birthday Weekender

The Bernard ShawOriginally opened for just the one, Bodytonic’s pub The Bernard Shaw turns three years old this weekend.

Originally opened for just the one, Bodytonic’s pub The Bernard Shaw turns three years old this weekend.

3 years of running the Bernard Shaw next weekend. We were only meant to last a year – God bless the property crash. So many memories already – the worst jacks in Dublin, making buckfast socially acceptable again, Theo Parrish 6 hour set for free, Switch & Diplo back to back at a sneaky after hours, BS graffitti making the front page of the UK Times & the Lonely Planet reckoned it was the 8th best kept secret in the world. Something like the Borneo rainforest was first… bet they dont have Buckfast and Nic James there though , do they ?? Their toilets are probably better though, that might shave it for ’em.

Anyway all this and more we celebrate & commiserate this weekend – hope you can join us .

Loadsa schtuff on… Toejam Carboot Sale Sixfoot Apprentice Live Secret Boat party – in an actual boat Mob Fandango Live Shortie A$$quake DJs The Candidates Live ‘We all know now’ (Exhibition) Kev Sheridan DJ Kormac Dazboy Tayor Joma Disco D Conor L Q-The Monkey Live art re-interpretation of classic Guinness Ads by Danleo Scribble Soundsystem 12 Boat Party Aaron Dempsey G-Frequency Chucky MC Little Tree Arthur Guinness 250th Bday celebrations

Here’s some quick links to the day by day event listings:

Friday: Scribble
Saturday: Toejam
Sunday: 12

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The BS – The History….

The Bernard Shaw is our very first bar in Dublin. We set up shop in this 113 year old boozer in October 2006 and since then we have had to figure out how to become publicans and resist sticking our heads under the taps when nobody is looking. From the stories the locals tell us this place has had a pretty colourful past, Sunday morning strip clubs, the legendary battleaxe Old Mrs Bambrick and bar fights a plenty. These days bar stool related injuries are minimal but we still like to have a laugh with the place.

There’s 2 bars, 3 rooms and a nifty beer garden out the back with pool table.

Being who we are, The BS (as we lazily call it) is a music bar first and foremost and we have bands & DJs in here most days of the week. The nights are a mix of in-house stuff and local promoters with some internationals dropping in for unannounced sets (Switch, Diplo, DJ Godfather are a few) We touch on alot of bases here musically, from dubstep to funk, Baltimore to house, rock to breaks. We also run the Saturday and Satur-night event Toejam which has added a whole new dimension to what we do here, with the likes of Carboot Sales, Futureshorts film exhibitions, Zine Days, T-Shirt & Badge making, record fares, Pro Evo Competitions, experimental music and madness days and lots more ideas yet to happen.

The Shaw Space is our gallery in the pub too, hosting regular exhibitions from some of the best Irish illustrators, designers & artists aswell as international submissions. Galleries rotate every 4-6 weeks roughly and we also host exhibitions for new talent. Passing the pub you will also see our graf walls, curated by local painter Maser.

We also run pub quizzes and movie nights for shits and giggles and show all the major Rugby & Football clashes too.

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