Switched On – The Workmans Club, September 16th, 23rd & 24th

Spilly Walker, Katie Kim, Angkorwat, Somadrone, Twinkranes & more will play at the Switched On nights of experimental & electronic music to be held in The Workmans Club over three nights in September.

SWITCHED ON is a series of music events specially curated by Darren McCreesh, where you’ll experience eclectic expressions of ‘the new great music’ and appreciate the significance of electronic and experimental music in defining the ‘brave new world’.

“In the new great music, machines will also be necessary and will be assigned a share in it.” This was futurologist Ferruccio Busoni in 1907, confidently predicting the emergence of electronic music which would come to dominate popular and experimental music in the late 20th and early 21st Century. However, others such as renowned folk music collector Cecil Sharpe hoped that music would help lead a retreat from industrial values towards a pastoral Arcadian epoch. What neither school of thought anticipated was the capacity of musicians to absorb the tools and language of technology as part of their own songwriting craft; a kind of unending, evolving creative spur.

The Switched On gigs are being held as part of the 2011 Absolut Fringe Festival.

16 Sept – Wild Combination
featuring Spilly Walker, Angkorwat, TR-ONE and DJ sets from Broken Audio Movement and David Kitt

    the only way through is the music by Spilly Walker

23 Sept – Ultrakugel
featuring Bruno Spoerri, Anworth Kirk & Demdike Stare, Twinkranes, Somadrone and BMusic Djs

IMPULSE((((DEMO))) by Somadrone

24 Sept – Arcadian Songbook
featuring Serafina Steer, Katie Kim and Lispector

Heavy Lighting by KATIE KIM



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