Sunny Days Are Here Again
Sunny Days Are Here Again

Sunny Days Are Here Again, Cork Central Library 16th-27th August

Cork Central Library is hosting a fanzine exhibition titled Sunny Days Are Here Again

Coinciding with the 25 year anniversary of Nirvana & Sonic Youth’s legendary show in Sir Henry’s, Sunny Days Are Here Again is presented by Circa ’91, The Forgotten Zine Archive and Loserdom zine.

The exhibition features a selection of some of the Forgotten Zine Archive’s collection of Irish zines, while Circa ’91 present Cork zines from the 90’s period such as Sunny Days, Choc-a-Bloc, Protest, Warm Sox, The Donkeys, No More Plastic Pitches and many more.

According to exhibition coordinator Siobhan Bardsley: “These are fascinating records of that time in Cork. They reviewed gigs, demo tapes, soccer matches, and kept us informed of the local goings-on. It made the music scene a close community

Available in the library for the duration of the exhibition will be a one-off zine Circa’91 the Zine edited by Anto Dillon of Loserdom zine and designed by Fiona O’ Mahony. The zine features tales from that legendary Nirvana gig and the Cork music scene of the time, told by some of the active participants such as Morty McCarthy, Jim Comet, Shane Fitzsimons, Sean Fitzgerald and others. It also features photographs taken by NME photographer Ed Sirrs who traveled over with journalist Keith Cameron to cover the gig. Those photographs would go on to become some of the most iconic images of Nirvana.

Nirvana Sir Henry's, Cork

The exhibition runs from Tuesday August 16th until Saturday August 27th in Cork Central Library, 57-61 Grand Parade, Cork. The library opening times are 10am-5.30pm.

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