Sounds Like Art

Sounds Like Art

Sounds Like Art
Sounds Like Art is an exhibition of 7 new sound works which runs from April 17th to June 27th in the Ground Floor Gallery at Draíocht in Blanchardstown.

Sounds Like Art is an exhibition of 7 new sound works which runs from April 17th to June 27th in the Ground Floor Gallery at Draíocht in Blanchardstown.

Sounds like Art is an exhibition of 7 new sound works by artists David Bickley, Jenny Brady, Maeve Collins, Michael Doocey, Aileen Lambert, Paul McAree and Fiona Reilly. Our relationship and response to sound and our experience of listening is explored in different contexts, some private, some public. From reverb to high pitch, from sounds of the sea to a city scape, this exhibition will explore the familiar and the surprising.

David Bickely
Erebus & Terror

In May 1845 under Sir John Franklin, the 120 strong crew of the North West Passage expedition set sail from England on the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror . Using their ill-fated voyages and the speculation that surround the vessels’ disappearance as a starting point, Bickley has created a piece that ponders the question; what if they were able to leave a video record, would it make any sense or would it too have been infected with dark forces?
The soundtrack to Bickely’s work is a piece entitled “Komogwa” from the LP Erebus & Terror by David Bickley and Tom Green.

Michael Doocey
Falling Tone

Upon activation Falling Tone begins a 3 minute descent from 20,000hz to 0hz. Falling Tone relates to human experience in that it mimics the trajectory of gravity. This may evoke a sense of celestial anxiety; or appeal to the concept of a decline in human dignity.

Maeve Collins
The Sea Full In

Collins has created an audio track of the sea coming in and out. The sound scape of Draíocht’s surrounding forms part of the work, as it weaves into the fabric of the sound of the tides. The intended effect is to allow passers by and gallery goers an experience of the sea coming in and going out within in the local sound scape and the visual landscape of the industrialised and suburbanised centre of Blanchardstown.

Jenny Brady and Andrew Fogarty
Wellington Pentagram sound installation

Using the writing of Irish New Age author, Jeremy Ajmes as a point of departure, the installation will spatially and sonically represent the idea of an esoteric ‘occult grid’ which exist with the city planning of Dublin. The finished piece is a composition made with field recordings from meridian points of the Wellington Pentagram and other sound sources. The piece will be played through a custom speaker configuration.

Paul McAree
Crow’s Nest

McAree’s work explores the concept of Heroes through both audio and visual representation, in all encompassing surroundings. His work attempts to contextualise through a myriad of references what possibly form the makeup of personal and social identity in Ireland today

Fiona Reilly
So I Sat There, Again

Fiona has created a piece recording the commute she has made between her studio and Draíocht during the development of this exhibition. Each journey recording remains unedited and will be played through an ipod. Her piece proposes flip the concept of blocking out the noise of our daily commutes by listening to personal music players.

Aileen Lambert
Song for the Chapter House

An Assembly of Voices, 2008, sound work, 10mins 51secs.
This soundwork was created as part of a residency in Kells, Co. Kilkenny, and was presented in the ruins of the old priory as part of Sculpture at Kells, in August 2008. The soundwork comprises of a repertoire of vocalisations, and features the voices of Elizabeth Lebedova, Angela Hegarty, Rachel O’ Sullivan and Ann Mulrooney.The chapter house is the room in which the general business of the priory was attended to, where the community of Kells Priory assembled and worked out their daily tasks and activities.

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