Somadrone, Angkorwat, I Am The Cosmos – The Unitarian Church, February 25th

Skinny Wolves have announced a Somadrone gig in The Unitarian Church on Saturday February 25th, with Angkorwat & I Am The Cosmos.
Tickets are on sale now priced at €10.

Somadrone sound is a lush minimalism, a sonic trip, soundtracks for early light. Neils words on the new Somadrone sounds and upcoming live dates :

I was listening to alot of library music this time around, with alot of German stuff like Cluster and Harmonium. I just wanted to make a completely new record, challenge myself to write out of my style. The results are interesting, less acoustics on this one. It’s full on electronic pop. Our live set is now myself on stereo guitar, modular and other synths, Glenn Keating on drums/electronics and David Kitt on guitar and vocoder“.

Somadrone – Reckoning by Somadrone

Angkorwat is a pop experiment by niamh corcoran [dublin, ireland]. starting out as a classical musician, she de-trained and started at square one, composing basic melodies on her macbook keys. this produced interesting results. influences include hidden histories, stendhal syndrome, cocteau twins, extreme moods, long wave radio atlantic 252, synesthesia, chicago/detroit, remorse, mothers, daughters.

Early E.P. by Angkorwat

“I am The Cosmos’ “Final Form” is a contemplative kernel of absolute joy. It sounds like spinning inside a golden spiral straight off a Philip Jose Farmer trip which connects this sad world around which we stumble and ramble to A-Ha’s version of Valhalla, while being bombarded with fragmentary snippets downloaded from Sonny Crockett’s sweetest dream. Another one you can use to soundtrack tearful reminiscences sitting on the chasis of your testarossa in a lonely Miami Beach as the sun rises in the distance, I am Cosmos remix Sally Shapiro now please.” – 20 Jazz Funk Greats

Leaving by I Am The Cosmos

Skinny Wolves Presents:
With Special Guests:
Angkorwat + I Am The Cosmos
Unitarian Church, Stephens Green, Dublin
Saturday 25th February 2012
Doors : 8.00PM
ADM €10 / Tickets :

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