Sensual Walk 2012

Young Hearts Run Free invite you to a (guaranteed non-creepy) Sensual Walk this Saturday to celebrate Bloomsday, Joyce and Kate Bush, all in aid of The Simon Community.

“We are helping to curate the annual “Sensual Walk” (not in a creepy way) this Saturday – 16th June, 2012, for Bloomsday, celebrating Joyce, Kate Bush – and helping to raise money for the Simon Community (we will have a donation box).

We will meet at Howth Head at 2pm – things will start happening from 2.30pmish, and then we will have musical performances from people like; You Kiss by the Book, Prairie Dawgs, and a collaboration between Michael and Mark Stanley (Richer Than Astronauts) and Dez Foley (formerly of Crumb), among others, and some readings as well.

Young Hearts will be providing a picnic halfway through the walk with some treats, and maybe the only thing we would ask is if you might bring a special cup from home for yourselves.

This will all take place between 2pm – 5pmish, and our lovely walk down to the village will be weather oblivious. We think Joyce would approve if it does rain, since he sometimes referred to his beloved Nora as his “dark-blue, rain-drenched flower”. To be a Barnacle must be a wonderful thing.

Children are most welcome and encouraged, and hopefully it will be a lovely, delicate afternoon,

Mike Stevens of Groom and Lisa O’Neill have also confirmed they’ll be taking part.

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