Rusted Rail: Bus King

Rusted Rail & Oh Boland: Bus Kings of Galway

Independent Galway record label Rusted Rail continues its season of intimate Bus King gigs

Bus King?” I hear you ask… The gigs take place on The Crustbucket, a (stationary) double-decker bus which resides in Carrolls beergarden on Dominick Street. Do you see what they did there?

The Crustbucket pizza bus in  of Dominick Street will play host to a series of pop-up live music performances, curated by Rusted Rail, with the next “Bus King” gig taking place on Saturday the 7th of October at 3pm with a solo performance from Niall Murphy from Oh Boland. “Poppy but sloppy rock‘n’roll defined by their buzzsaw guitar tone, these melodies are memorable and sweet, their vocal delivery drunken and approximate,” according to Pitchfork.

Admission is FREE and spaces are limited on the top deck of the bus so getting there early is advised. More performances by various artists will follow fortnightly, all are welcome.

Rusted Rail: Bus King

You can find details of future performances at

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