rhizomes - a tour of legitimate sharing

rhizomes – a tour of legitimate sharing

rhizomes - a tour of legitimate sharingRhizome[s] is ‘a tour of legitimate sharing‘ featuring Thread Pulls, Patrick Kelleher & Danish collective Thulebasen.

Rhizome[s] is ‘a tour of legitimate sharing‘ featuring Thread PullsPatrick Kelleher & Danish collective Thulebasen.

rhizome[s] is a tour of like-minded alternative innovators. Dublin post new wave two-piece Thread Pulls are joined by Danish collective Thulebasen and the much acclaimed Patrick Kelleher.

Over the last two years, all of the artists involved in this tour have been forming rhizomatic connections resulting in collaborations, remixes, one-off events and so on. This tour brings these three acclaimed bands together for one tour with collaboration at the heart of it. With work shared in advance of the concerts, each act will present their own sets yet each performance will also feature collaborations between the artists developed for the tour.

Thread Pulls are nearly a rock band, stripped back to a core of drums and bass. Skewed grooves anchor their hypnotic proto-disco sound – kick-drum centred and sub-bass heavy. Roughly cut vocal layers and eastern trumpet-echoes coupling solar-synth-drones bring to mind early elements of future sounds. Their debut album New Thoughts (Osaka Recordings) has just been released.

Patrick Kelleher is a 24 year-old musician based in Dublin, Ireland, although he spent much of his childhood in the English town of Rugby. His music varies from brooding, tense electronica to jaunty acoustica to 8-bit dance-floor ditties to evocative, experimental pop but always with a twist of something ethereal or idiosyncratic.

ThulebasenThulebasen are a Danish ensemble operating within a parallel pop universe where they uncover lost gems of sound and successfully blend the microtonal scales of American composer Harry Partch with the popular music sensibilities of the Human League to transport the listener to an interplanetary discotheque or rather a BBC Radiophonic ‘Top of the Pops’.

Tour Dates:
Thursday 7th October – Club Head Bang Bang, The Greyhound Bar, Tralee
Friday 8th October – The Model, Sligo
Saturday 9th October – ESB Substation, Cork
Monday 11th October – Block T, Dublin

http://www.threadpulls.com/rhizomes for more information.

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