Quarter Inch Collective: Lorem Ipsum & LCD Soundsystem

Quarter Inch Collective sent word of a couple of events they’ve got lined up for this week.

First Thought Best Thought Presents: A Lorem Ipsum Release Party with Lorem Ipsum (plus special guests, Angkorwat & Lamont/Bailey/Wall)
This Saturday, the 16th of July, at the Twisted Pepper we’ll be celebrating the launch of the mysterious Lorem Ipsum’s new cassette with our brothers in lo-fi arms, Long Lost Records. It won’t be pretty, it won’t be simple, but it’ll be something alright. You can now listen to the full album on the Lorem Ipsum bandcamp, it’s pretty intense and probably quite unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

Supporting on the night will be experimental electronic pop threesome Lamont/Bailey/Wall and electro synthstress Angkorwat.

It’s only €7 in if you sign up to the cheaplist here (or click attending here). Alternatively it’s ten euro with a tape.

LCD Soundsystem’s Final Show (Screening At The Bernard Shaw)
After the all-round success that was Kanye West Live at Coachella, Live at the Bernard Shaw, we’ve decided it might be fun to do something similar again. It’s a pretty good way to spend a summer evening after all, chilling in the sun with a long island iced-tea, a great concert on the big screens and loads of your mates around. For screening 2.0, we’re going to present LCD Soundsystem’s final gig in Madison Square Garden, all three-and-a-half euphoric hours of it. So come on down to the Bernard Shaw this Thursday at 8pm sharp, it’s free and all that. Bring some friends, play some pool, do whatever. 

You can get more info from http://www.quarterinchcollective.ie (when it eventually goes live later this week) – until then stick with http://quarterinchcollective.wordpress.com

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