Popicalia #5 – Pantone247, We Are Losers and Hello Moon

Popical Island has their first Popicalia outing of 2011 this Friday, when they bring Pantone247, We Are Losers & Hello Moon to Shebeen Chic.

New year, new night (Friday), new Popicalia. Well, the same Popicalia but we’re still only young. Yes! 3 excellent bands, Popical Island DJs, downstairs in Shebeen Chic, €5 to get in, fun. So why not join us on Friday the 7th of January to see…

Wait, whaaaaatt? Home recording whizz-kid and master of the 3-minute-pop-song-with-a-really-loud-guitar-solo-in-the-middle, Pantone247 is back! His first gig since our All Day Pop Extravaganza back in June and hopefully the first of many in 2011. Don’t count on it. But do count on you walking away from this with a great big smile on yr face.

We Are Losers
The new project from Gavin Elsted of ‘The Boners’ and Adultrock fame. W.A.L are all sun-shiney singalongs over fuzzy, bouncing noise-pop. Ears bleeding, heart full. Their free 3 track EP from August has deservedly made it onto many Best Of 2010 lists and a new track ‘Sunset Song’ will be at the top of pretty much every Best Of 2011 list. I promise.

Hello Moon
The Jesus lizard. Not the band, the actual lizard. The one that runs across the water? That’s what i think of when i listen to Hello Moon, the music is light but has a strange, driving power to it. The band have a new record due out on Any Other City (Villagers, Squarehead) this year and they also have a singing drummer! Yay!

So that’s that. Hopefully we’ll see you there and we can show each other what we got for Christmas.


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