Popicalia 16: The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock, Jinx Lennon, Big Monster Love – 8th June, Doran’s On The Green

Popicalia returns to Doran’s On The Green this Friday for its 16th outing, with The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock, Jinx Lennon & Big Monster Love.

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Popical Island
‘s next compilation will be released on July 7th with an all day gig Upstairs in Whelan’s. But first:

The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock
Like foreboding, dark storm clouds gathering over Ben Bulben The Spook of the 13th Lock are not so much a band as a force of nature. This year’s release from the fivesome “The Brutal Here and Now”, sees Allen Blighe’s banjo-driven, Planxty-esque songwriting lifted, nay exalted by the honesty, originality and muscular chops of his musical accomplices. It should be said that, both live and on record, there are few things to equal the Spook experience. This is music direct from the broken heart of modern Ireland and it makes complete, rocking sense.

Jinx Lennon
In a country that is sadly lacking in true, subversive individualists, Jinx Lennon defies conventions in every sense. Singing (well, talking) in his native Dundalk accent, his punk poetry evokes John Cooper Clarke and Hamell On Trial. Self-described as an “awful man”, and “picking the dirt beneath the fingernails of the fading septic tiger landscape”, Jinx has been attacking the pricks with vim for some time now, but never stops being a breath of fresh air.

Big Monster Love
Big Monster Love makes a welcome return to Popicalia. Pure, original and distinctively North County Dublin, Big Monster Love released a gorgeous album last year called Game Over. Songs like Arctic Circles, Mad Dog and Free Gaff Forever are expert creations, balancing sentiment and stark awareness, and they should be heard in your local pub every night of the year: indeed, they are in the locals of our alternate universe. This summer he will open the new and final bumper Popical compilation Popical Island #3 with his sublime song River Valley Gurls.

Popical Island Present: Popicalia 16
The Spook of the Thirteenth Lock
Jinx Lennon
Big Monster Love
Eamon Doran’s Tavern on the Green
9pm, Friday, 8th June
Admission €5


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