Popicalia 13: Little Xs For Eyes, Morning Claws, Dott – Saturday March 31st

Popical Island‘s Popicalia moves to a new home for its 13th night on Saturday 31st with Little Xs For Eyes, Morning Claws & Dott.

They haven’t gone away you know…

We’ve been up to so many things in this here collective that we allowed it a bit of a break. But here we are again, for real and forever more, and have we got a hell of a line-up to get the show on the road again.

If the misty country of grey-eyed girls in coloured cardigans really is out there — and we have always hoped that it is — LITTLE Xs FOR EYES surely come from it. Or they at least are the band who everyone there adores. Around for some time now, the Xs have re-emerged recently with a wonderful record called S.A.D. Delicate, catchy-as-hell melodies almost fall over themselves as they clamour from the record to your grateful ears. With sweetshop vocals, soft and sad tones, delightful guitar-keyboard interplay, and unexpected lyrical turns, there is not a single dull moment on it.

Hailing from Belfast, MORNING CLAWS peddle a fine line in moody, synthy indie. Their recent EP Pet Storms, Ancient Clouds and debut single Slack Magic both evidence careful construction, and a pleasing spaciousness. Squarehead came back from Belfast talking about them some time ago, and Land Lovers played at their EP launch: this one’s been in the pipeline for a while. We’re glad to finally have them down!

DOTT’s first recording, Leave Tonight, is a complete rush, will all the grubby dynamics and bright hooks of our favourite garage pop. As soon as we heard it, we were determined to haul them over the tarmac from Galway for Popicalia. Imagine our delight when they agreed to come of their own volition.

Little Xs ForEyes
Morning Claws
9pm, Saturday 31st March, 
Eamon Doran’s Tavern on the Green, Leeson Street
Admission is €5


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