Match&Fuse Festival -16th September

International collaborative music festival Match&Fuse comes to Ireland in September

A dozen musicians from six countries will be participating:

Ireland: Brendan Doherty (drums), Sam Comerford (sax), Chris Guilfoyle (guitar)
France: Julien Desprez (guitar/electronics), Carla Gaudré (sax), Maxime Delporte (bass)
Switzerland: Nils Fischer (sax)
Belgium: Anneleen Boehme (bass) | Lynn Cassiers (vocals/electronics)
UK: Heidi Heidelberg (vocals/guitar)
Norway: Hilde Marie Holsen (trumpet/electronics)

Following three days of intense collaboration they’ll form three new bands and perform in DLR Lexicon on Sunday 16th September.

Previous Match&Fuse festivals have been held in London (2012), Oslo (2013), Rome (2014), Warsaw (2015) & Toulouse (2016).

In the spirit of reunifying Europe at a time of unrest and disparity; this September, Match&Fuse are placing an even greater emphasis on the ‘fused’ side of things. After hugely successful past festivals in London, Oslo, Rome, Warsaw and Toulouse, this year, nine musicians have been invited from France, UK, Switzerland, Norway and Belgium to collaborate with some of Ireland’s most exciting artists.

After three days of collaborative workshops, the newly formed ensembles will perform at dlr LexIcon on Saturday 16th September at 2pm. These groups will then go on to perform at other M&F events around Europe at later dates, including Match&Fuse Festival Zürich 2017 from the 28th – 30th September.


Diatribe presents
Match&Fuse Festival Dublin 2017
dlr LexIcon
2pm, 16th September
Tickets available from

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