Large Mound, The Spook Of The 13th Lock – Odessa Club, 10th May

Large Mound play what could be their last gig for quite a while this Thursday in The Odessa Club.

[vimeo 7041843]

For your €10 you also get a folk set from The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock. But wait – there’s more:

Nice comfortable room with couches, bands playing on the floor with no huge PA business. The best way to see a rock band.  Thursday night gigs in Odessa are always €10 in so to sweeten the deal we’ll have a selection of CDs on the door that you can take your pick from.

The Boy Mark is retiring from the Mound after 12 years, so this will be his last performance with the band. It’s also Anthony’s birthday, AND Hugh will be wearing his cowboy hat. 

Large Mound
The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock
Odessa Club, Dame Lane
8:30pm, Thursday 10th May 
Admission €10

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