Jape / Dan Deacon / Deerhunter / White Williams / High Places – Vicar Street, June 14th

Highlight of the Future Days festival and de facto launch gig for the new Jape LP Ritual.

This show is surely the highlight of the Future Days festival and also serves as the de facto launch gig for the new Jape LP Ritual.

Future Days presents:

Jape / Dan Deacon / Deerhunter / White Williams / High Places

Vicar Street, Dublin, Saturday June 14.

If ever there was a show primed to be one of the most memorable of the year it is this five act extravaganza, a shining beacon of contemporary maverick pop talent sitting pretty as the centre-piece to the inaugural Future Days event. This line-up presents so many reasons to celebrate music in 2008; the worldwide whirlwind that is Dan Deacon, the devastating noise of Deerhunter, the slightly classical electro-pop craft of White Williams and the fresh as daisies primitivist pop of Brooklyn’s High Places.
But perhaps, mostly importantly, is our own Irish representative Jape who has adopted this show as the launch for his remarkable third album, Ritual. This album is ceaselessly fascinating and relentlessly honest, equally body moving as it is soul-searching, physical as it is melancholy. And the same can be said for Jape’s live show, a huge party atmosphere punctuated with moments of heart-crushing honesty.
This event will be Dan Deacon’s third visit to Ireland in two years. The Baltimore resident is a key protgonist in the Wham City underground arts collective. At his shows Deacon conjures genuinely beautiful sine-pop compositions and riotous party tunes from what appears to be a table of taped-up junk on a table in the middle of the dancefloor – never on the stage. Deacon has just finished his new record so expect plenty of new tunes, favourites from the Spiderman of the Rings LP, and plenty of singalongs, dance-offs and god knows what else.
Deerhunter return to Dublin on the back of a transcendent performance at Primavera. Last time they played Dublin new guitarist Whitney played her first ever show and the band showcased songs from their forthcoming Microcastle LP.
White Williams have just released their debut album Smoke on Domino Records and for them and new Thrill Jockey signings High Places, Future Days marks their Irish debuts.

Tickets on sale now from City Discs / Road Records & WAV lo-call 1890 200 078

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