Hounds, Nippons, Bridges of Madison County & Wild Rocket – Upstairs At Whelan’s, 30th December

:HOUNDS: release their debut album Spacemad on January 1st and they’ve a launch gig lined up for 30th December with NipponsBridges of Madison County & Wild Rocket.

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Frustrated pastry chefs by day, :HOUNDS: convene at their roadside rehearsal room at dusk to shout at strangers and argue in Klingon. By room I of course mean caravan. Having established a gruesome forfeiture system to impose discipline, :HOUNDS: were able to reach an acceptable level of musical understanding in only 6 short years.

With the foundation of their throbbing, riff-laden power in place, bass player Gavin was able to take a 6 month sabbatical to lurk in a canoe. Drummer Brian (hired primarily for his ability to scare bulies) regularly fights man-sized chickens for money, although he has yet to be paid. If bespectacled rage-made-flesh singer/guitarist Allen were an animal, he’d be an animal. Reclusive singer/guitarist Peter is currently recovering in a maximum security old folks’ home from an addiction to rum and piracy.

The forthcoming debut album from :HOUNDS: is a strange beast, much like the characters that live within these songs; the angry, the frightened, prisoners in their own bodies and minds. :HOUNDS: take metal and stoner influences and condense them into something cohesive and immediate, capturing their chaotic live energy. From weird explorations to muscular metal via instrumental freak‐outs, Spacemad takes you to a place both otherworldly yet eerily familiar. Umad?

Spacemad was recorded with Dublin Producer Steve Shannon (Adrian Crowley/Strands/Halfset) in Beechpark Studios and Experimental Audio. Mastering is by J.J. Golden, Artwork by Gavin Beattie.

:Hounds: (LP Launch)
Bridges of Madison County
Wild Rocket
Upstairs At Whelan’s
8:30pm, Sunday 30th December

Admission is €10 which gets you a copy of the LP. Can’t say fairer than that really now can you?


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