Hard Working Class Heroes Radio on Curious Broadcast

10 one-hour radio shows have been commissioned to mark 10 years of Hard Working Class Heroes, including one from your favourite Irish music siteTHIS ONE YOU JERKS.

To celebrate 10 years of Hard Working Class Heroes Festival there will be 10 1-hour long radio shows produced by special guest broadcasters to highlight their favourite contemporary Irish musicians and recordings.

The 10 shows are created, produced and recorded by various music journalists, musicians, promotors, label owners, etc. from several counties and genres of the Irish music spectrum. Each show was produced for Curious Broadcast.

Curious Broadcast is a radio studio and an online art radio station. It aims to create a space for innovation and cultural experimentation across all sectors of the arts and music. With this project we hope that Curious Broadcast will add a new and fresh dimension to the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival.

The 10 shows created will be both streamed and podcast on http://www.curiousbroadcast.com. They will also be soon available to be streamed and podcast from the Hard Working Class Heroes website http://www.hwch.net. They will remain available here throughout the year.

The 10 shows will also made available to all of Ireland’s 26 community radio stations via CRAOL(Community Radio of Ireland Umbrella Group)

The shows have been created by the following wonderful people:

  • Out On A Limb Records
  • Hands Up Who Wants To Die
  • First Music Contact
  • Naomi ‘Harmless Noise’ and Niamh ‘New Noise’
  • Popical Island
  • Bouts
  • Skirmish Blog
  • The Depravations and Rural Savage
  • Aoife B (Sweet Oblivion)

And then there’s one from us too.


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