Hands Up Who Wants To Die, Riastradh, Samuel Beckett’s Broadband Connection – The Joinery, Saturday 27th October

Hands Up Who Wants To Die, RiastradhSamuel Beckett’s Broadband Connection play a pre-Halloween BYOB gig at The Joinery this Saturday.

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Some of the country’s heftiest noisemakers descend upon The Joinery this October for a night of pre-Halloween merriment.

Hands up who wants to Die are giving their new tunes a final airing before starting recording for their second album two days later. Audiences across Ireland & Europe have enjoyed and endured these “lads” stomping around, grimacing, showing their arse crack and performing their tightly-wound havoc since 2008. They have been described by human beings as “Big’N and Enablers in a blender” and “socially aware slab punk with constant discordant meanderings”.

3 folk with instruments and ideas. Formed in 2005 with intent to play and write. So far it has worked out. We hail from the outer west coast of Ireland performing the hits of what it’s like to live there. Wild scian waving perfumed in harm. Avalanches are not a regular occurrence in the west and neither are we. We write music to dance to but only if you have ten peg legs. Once descibed as “day ghosht” by himself, the sound omitted by Riastradh left wings around the air only to plunge directly in the brain to manifest itself as music in the listener. Three men are responsible for Riastradh and three things are responsible for Riastradh. 1.The Path 2.Conclusion 3.Evolution. The true form of secrecy is the only lie we admit to telling the truth to. The detective of Dublin used to ask us questions, we answered his questions in the true form of secrecy.This is why we are here today. This concludes the history and reason behind Riastradh.

Samuel Beckett’s Broadband Connection is the music of Thomas Parkes ( The Jimmy Cake / The Bridges Of Madison County). Emotional drones mixed with emotional beats to create an emotionless sterile musical experience not unlike pouring boiling water down the oul ear

Hands Up Who Wants To Die
Samuel Beckett’s Broadband Connection
8pm, Saturday 27th October
The Joinery
Admission €8 – BYOB


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