Glimmermen vs Trinity College

“Urban post-rock blues” band Glimmermen, comprised of former members of Boxes, Holy Ghost Fathers & Jackbeast, play Trinity College this week.

GLIMMERMEN are a trio based in Dublin who formed in 2010. They spent last summer writing songs and have played gigs in Róisín Dubh, Ballroom of Romance, The Grand Social, The Joinery and Whelans.

GLIMMERMEN sing & play Urban Post-Rock Blues.

GLIMMERMEN features former members of Boxes, Jackbeast and Holy Ghost Fathers.

Gavin Cowley (vocals, guitar, harmonica and keys) is one half of 2-piece rock band Boxes who released three albums including the critically lauded “Bad Blood” recorded by Steve Albini in Electrical Audio Chicago, released on Dutch label Laterax. Boxes played gigs with Dinosaur Jnr., Nomeansno and The Ex.

J. Bassetti (double bass and vocals) played with Jackbeast an inspirational Post-Punk band from Dublin circa 1990s and controversial Electro outfit ‘Burning Love Jumpsuit’ who specialised in a subtle form of disco-infused media terrorism. They also featured on John Peels ‘Festive 50’ in 2002.

Phil Murray (drums and vocals) played drums with The Holy Ghost Fathers between 2001-2007 their self-released ‘Cock of the Walk’ album received critical acclaim. Phil moved to Melbourne, Australia where he played drums with Gluefoot and The Blue Poles.


  • Glimmermen vs. Freshers @ GMB Debating Chamber,Trinity College Dublin
    Friday, September 23 Brunch-time 12:00pm – 1:00pm

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