Drive Like Jehu Reform Or Something

Be still, my beating heart….

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Let’s be honest, I’m only writing this news story because I never thought, in all my doddery old years, that I’d get to write a story about them, there’s been no news for 20 years. And there’s really no justification writing about it here now, they’re not Irish, they won’t be releasing anything new or playing here (most likely) but still. Fuck it.

Drive Like Jehu are reforming! San Diegan hardcore legends that they are, they disbanded after two LP’s and a single in 1994, and it was that years LP, ‘Yank Crime’, that’s earned them their position at the very top of the pop pyramid. Two of ’em notably stayed rocking over the years and gave us Hot Snakes, Obits, The Nightmarchers and Rocket From The Crypt. One became a scientist and one became a massively succesful record producer who gave it all up to open a punk rock donut shop, selling such classics as the Fudge-gazi. Ang ang ang ang ang ang. Anyhoo, out of nowhere on Tuesday night, John Reis blitzed social media with very little info other than

A small corner of the internet melted, and people were booking flights (not me, I hadn’t the nerve) for a show that was potentially a hoax. But it seems not, and slightly bizarrely the sceal is thus… At Balboa Park, San Diego on August 31st, Drive Like Jehu reform for the first time in 20 years to play a 5 song 30 minute early evening free set…with a classical organist….improvising along….

Thumped will be sending along myself as your correspondent to report live from the scene. Wait, Pete, what’s that? Pete, come back. Peeeeeeeete!!!

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