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Divine Turbulence
Divine Turbulence, an exhibition of paintings and drawings by BOZ, opens at the end of this month in Armagh.

Divine Turbulence, an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by BOZ, will be on show at The Market Place Theatre And Art Centre, Armagh from August 30th to September 29th.

From a Boz biography:

"Boz is a visual artist, illustrator and cartoonist living & working in Dublin City. His early training began in a somewhat unorthodox manner by conducting attacks on every possible school surface. However, with amateur espionage closing this avenue of expression, it was soon time to move on and establish his own title. This underground journal that has been described as " rabid scrawls " coupled with typo-ridden writings on punk music became an entity in 1990 and was the first of many NOSEBLEEDs published. The title is, to this day, continually published in an ever evolving format."

http://www.bozgallery.com for more info.

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