DEAF 2009 Fundraiser

DEAF 2009 Fundraiser, Friday 21st August

DEAF 2009 FundraiserDue to some problems with funding for this year’s DEAF Festival the organisers have taken the DIY approach and organised a fundraiser in Meeting House Square, with the The Jimmy Cake, Dark Room Notes, Spilly Walker & more all lending their support. Due to some problems with funding for this year’s DEAF Festival the organisers have taken the DIY approach and organised a fundraiser in Meeting House Square, with the likes of The Jimmy Cake, Dark Room Notes, Spilly Walker & more all lending their support.

Dublin Electronic Arts Festival present

The Jimmy Cake
Dark Room Notes
Spilly Walker
Channel One
Thread Pulls
Patrick Kelleher & his Cold Dead Hands

MEETING HOUSE SQUARE (with temporary roof & full bar for evening)
Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Friday 21st August
6.00pm sharp!
Tickets €10.00
Shops: Road Records, Fade St, D2 and City Discs, The Granary, Temple Bar, D2. Spindizzy, Georges St Arcade, D2 (no booking fees will be charged)
Online: (plus a minimum charge of .95c)

DEAF comes out of hiding a little early this year with a special fundraiser event in Temple Bars’ Meeting House Square, which will be temporarily roofed for the night. Due to difficulties this year in securing sponsorship & cuts in arts funding, we’ve decided to take a DIY approach & with the generous support of the artists who will all perform for free (The Jimmy Cake, Dark Room Notes, Boxcutter, Spilly Walker, Channel One, Thread Pulls, Sarsparilla and Patrick Kelleher & his Cold Dead Hands) we are hoping to make a small dent into this years festival budget. Also supporting DEAF are our long-time acquaintances; Phantom 105.2FM, Micromedia,, Road Records, City Discs & Spindizzy Records – all have wavered their charges for this show & are offering their services for free – to everyone we are extremely grateful. We have also specifically kept the ticket price down as its not only ourselves feeling the current pinch – the way we look at it for 10 euro you get to see 8 bands, that’s 1.25euro per band, not bad!

We would like to thank Temple Bar Cultural Trust for supporting the festival & enabling us to stage such a unique event in Meeting House Square, and we’re delighted to avail of the temporary roof which will be in place for the night, so no matter what kind of ‘summer’ evening comes our way the show will still go on!

News: DEAF is now entering its 8th year & dates for this year’s festival are Thursday 22nd to Saturday 31st October with over 70 events in place, utilising 45 music venues, gallery spaces, clubs & bars. Highlights include Modeselector, Soap & Skin, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Surgeon, Christian Vogel, Planetary Assault Systems, Grouper, John Weise, Roger Doyle @60, Crash Ensemble, David Rodigan & Dam Funk, plus much more to come.

Volunteers: We are looking for volunteers to help out on the night & at the festival so if you’re interested please get in touch.

The Jimmy Cake
Following on from their critically acclaimed third album Spectre and Crown, The Jimmy Cake have returned with a new set and a new sound. Reduced from a cast of hundreds to a slimmed down six piece, we find the Jimmy Cake’s music equally stripped back: where once there were strings, accordion and tubas there is now the esoteric appeal of vintage synths and tightly coiled, pounding rhythms. The main players came together in the late 90’s as Das Madman, broke up in 1999 and reformed in 2000 as The Jimmy Cake. They have released three albums: ‘Brains’, ‘Dublin gone, everybody dead’ and 2008’s ‘Spectre & Crown’ as well as one EP: ‘Superlady’ on their own Pilatus imprint.

Dark Room Notes
Dublin electro-pop quartet Dark Room Notes fusion of dance, electronic and indie influences has been picking up fans in Ireland and abroad since the release of their debut “We Love You Dark Matter” in April.*Dark Room Notes will play the Electric Picnic on September 5th and 6th, dates in London and Warsaw at the end of September and an Irish tour throughout October. “An impressive beast bubbling with dramatic hooks, alluring textures and a bundle of smart electro rock tunes.” – Jim Carroll, The Ticket*

Spilly Walker
Spilly Walker emerged in 2007 on the Donal Dineen curated Foggy Notions compilation Small Hours Summer Mornings. The song “Let the Freak Come Out at Night” was an awesome marriage of pop-craft and electro intensity. It soon became apparent that Spilly Walker had more bangers where that came from when they took the stage at the Electric Picnic in the Foggy Notions tent and treated us to forty minutes of immense Ibiza synths and disco soul tracks with huge choruses and emotive singing. The debut album is near completion and should see the light of day late October 2009. Expect disco, soul, electro, lush beats and party anthems with the distinctive vocal stylings of Spilly and some surprise guests.

Boxcutter is Barry Lynn, a producer and musician from Northern Ireland. Now on his 3rd album under that alias, titled “Arecibo Message”, it was released in April of this year, again on the Planet Mu label, following on from 2007’s “Glyphic” and 2006’s “Oneiric”. Critical response was overwhelmingly positive, with iDJ awarding it 10/10, and Mixmag’s Joe Muggs describing it as an “awesomely coherent and original album” and “the first great dubstep LP of ’09”. Playfully referencing Barry’s background in astronomy, the LP was inspired by the SETI transmission of the same name, a binary description of humanity sent into space in 1974, and is defined by spaced out analogue sounds and deep basslines tied into a post-garage framework. One of the LP’s stand-out tracks, “A Familiar Sound”, a collaboration with electronic soul duo Kinnego Flux, was released on limited edition vinyl on Barry’s new imprint Kinnego records earlier in the year.Since then he has been played a number of packed shows all over Europe to enthusiastic crowds, and has a short tour of the US west coast planned for the Autumn.

Channel One
Channel One are a band from Dublin. The band uses a mixture of electronic and live instrumentation to create their sound. Channel One does rock/electronica on an epic level. There is also some very fine shoegazing sounds with huge blasts of layered guitars taking over in a similar style to Mogwai. They create a beautiful tumult, all scrawling synth, insistent rhythms, corrosive guitar and narcotised vocal. Their sci-fi lullabies are infused with a raw punk spirit, music that manages to sound simultaneously filmic and familiar whilst remaining disturbingly alien.

Thread Pulls are an experimental two-piece with the drumbeat at their core. Thread Pulls became the first Irish band to be invited to play at the celebrated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. After releasing four EPs on 9-pt records as a three piece, they stripped down to the duo of Gavin Duffy and Peter Maybury, and spent the following two years developing their upbeat progressive sound which meshes trumpet, electronics and treated vocals with a no-wave inspired mix of repetitive bass and drums. Thread Pulls are now recording their début album. Peter also makes electronic music as Hardsleeper and in Rainfear. Gavin plays occasionally with Karl Him and Electronic Sensoria Band.

Patrick Kelleher and His Cold Dead Hands
Dublin-based Patrick Kelleher is a 24 year-old musician hailing from Glendalough in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. His music varies from brooding, tense electronica to jaunty acoustica to 8-bit dance-floor ditties, but always with a twist of something ethereal or idiosyncratic. His songs are often premised on a mixture of live instrumentation, drum machines, cheapo voice-sampling yamaha keyboards and vocals that are, at times, heavily distorted. Some (perhaps lazy) comparisons could be made with six-foot hairy male Si Schroeder, Montréal-based floozy Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy, with distinct echoes of the beautiful Kate Bush.

In 1997 Damien Lynch AKA Sarsparilla decided that, rather than sit around and listen to John Carpenter soundtracks recorded off the TV with a ghetto blaster, he could actually attempt to make some tunes himself.* Influenced by 90’s Warp records and eighties Electro and Hip Hop, he concentrates less on software and more on outboard gear and classic drum machines.* Sarsparilla has been with the Alphabet Set since its inception and releases his 2nd full length album for the collective early Autumn entitled ‘Slave to the Cat Gang’

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