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Chaos Thaoghaire – We’re Sorry for Any Inconvenience

Chaos ThaoghaireChaos Thaoghaire returns on Wednesday 18th August with ‘We’re Sorry for Any Inconvenience: Stories about Journeys’.

Chaos Thaoghaire returns on Wednesday 18th August with ‘We’re Sorry for Any Inconvenience: Stories about Journeys’. Expect another night of “…storytelling, games, camaraderie (ha!), bloody-minded rivalry, and mutual humiliation“. In other words, invited speakers tell stories on an agreed theme for competitive advantage. There will be audience participation between these stories, in the form of several rounds of team games of increasing levels of viciousness. More detail from the Chaosettes:

First order of business is our next event, on Wednesday, August 18th back at the Odessa Club. As always, we kick off at 7:30 pm. This month’s theme is We’re Sorry for Any Inconvenience: Stories about Journeys. Our curator is the fabulous Charlie Connelly (, whose book Our Man in Hibernia is released next month. 

Next! In case you haven’t heard, we will be at Electric Picnic this year. You can look for us in the Mindfield section from 4pm to 6pm on both Saturday and Sunday. And if you’re feeling really Chaosette-hungry (as if!), Jane will also be giving a talk at Ignite in the Science Gallery tent on Saturday afternoon. We’re putting together an exciting lineup of storytellers, and we’ll probably give you a peek closer to the date. But know this: there will be a Chaos Thaoghaire Scavenger Hunt running alongside our two events. You’ll be able to get the list of tasks/challenges/objects on our website the week before the Picnic. As with everything Chaos, it’s mostly about cunning, subterfuge, heated arguments, and winning at all costs.  

And now for some new old news:
We’ve also moved our Chaos Thaoghaire facebook group to a fan page. Won’t you ‘like’ us? As always, do keep in touch with us. Check our website when we’re too forgetful to send these mails. Jane has just posted a long, rambling, Saturday-morning essay justifying the slew of made-up details she’s about to shoehorn into her upcoming stories. And follow us on twitter:

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