Boys Of Summer, Cian Nugent

Boys Of Summer, Cian Nugent In Cork

Boys Of Summer, Cian NugentBoys Of Summer & Cian Nugent head to Cork this weekend for a free gig.

Boys Of Summer & Cian Nugent are heading to Cork this weekend for a free gig.

Boys Of Summer & Cian Nugent w/ Dave Lacey
Triskel at Caroline St.
ESB Substation
4pm, Saturday 30th January

Boys Of Summer
Boys of Summer is a Dublin based synthesizer trio made up of PG. Smyth (The Jimmy Cake), I. Pawle (Sea Dog) and A. Fogarty (Toymonger, Weil Rats) on the Munitions Family label.

The group primarily uses vintage analogue synthesizers and tape delays to create a modern electronic sound, which draws from early German Electronic Experimentalists such as Tangerine Dream and Cluster; Minimalist artists like Terry Riley and Brian Eno and 70s American Synth artists (Michael Garrison and Mort Garson, etc).

To date the group has released two albums on the Dublin-based Munitions Family label; ‘V’ (2008 and ‘Pharaoh’ (2009) and is set to release their 3rd album ‘Future Ancients’ in early 2010.

[vimeo 8020587]

Cian Nugent
Cian Nugent is a young man from Dublin, Ireland who writes and plays music, primarily using an acoustic guitar.

In the past he has toured with people such as Jack Rose, Glenn Jones, Ben Reynolds, Nalle, The Family Elan, George Stavis, Jozef van Wissem, C Joynes, Peter Delaney, Thinguma*jigSaw and James Blackshaw throughout Europe and the United States.

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