Biorythm Live

Biorhythm Live @ Science Gallery

R.S.A.G., Evelyn Glennie & the Ronan Guilfoyle Trio are heading to The Science Gallery to take part in Biorythm Live.

R.S.A.G.Evelyn Glennie & the Ronan Guilfoyle Trio are heading to The Science Gallery to take part in Biorythm Live.

Biorythm LiveWhy do we tap our toes to music? Why is so much dance music at 120 beats per minute? How do we learn to follow a beat?

BIORHYTHM LIVE: RHYTHM, presented as part of Science Gallery’s acclaimed Summer 2010 exhibition BIORHYTHM, visited by over 40,000 people to date, brings a dramatic live performance focus to Science Gallery’s exploration of music and the body.  Through the prism of science, BIORHYTHM LIVE will refract a view on music that will challenge, entertain, stimulate and provoke legions of music lovers and science geeks alike. Kicking off on Thursday September 9th BIORHYTHM LIVE: RHYTHM will explore rhythm: omnipresent in all our lives, a central component of our species’ cultural evolution, marking time in our external world and regulating our internal vital functions.  

The evening, hosted by radio presenter Gerry Godley, offers three perspectives; the unique insight and rhythmic universe of the extraordinary percussionist Evelyn Glennie, the time manipulations of bassist Ronan Guilfoyle and a revealing collaboration between drummer of the moment  R.S.A.G. and scientists Dr Marcus Smith and Dr Steve Draper from the Clem Burke Drumming Project who have been studying the physiology of drumming for over ten years. 

Music is a vast subject, ancient and elemental, and yet the impetus of technology and science is both generating new forms of musical expression and mapping humanity’s relationship with it as never before. Over three unique events in the Science Gallery, leading performers and scientists will share the same stage in a format that embraces performance with physics, evolutionary psychology and neural mapping to light the cognitive pathways and liberate the closely guarded secrets of our auditory cortex. 

BIORHYTHM LIVE continues on Thursday 16th September with an exploration of EMOTION looking at how science can help us unveil music’s magical effect upon us. In this special evening exceptional artists, including Gavin Friday, Kate Ellis and BP Fallon, perform along with leading scientists to illuminate this most pleasurable of subjects, in a relaxed forum that includes audience participation via neural mapping of your brain activity while listening to the music on offer.  

Marking the end of the BIORHYTHM exhibition VOICE on Friday 1st October explores the unique instrument of the voice in all its amazing forms – from Beat Boxing master Shlomo through to an up close and personal view of the vocal cords of singer Jennifer Walshe we’re going deep into the vocal world.

Tickets are available now from . They’re €28 per performance or €75 for all three BIORHYTHM: LIVE performances, and there’s a 10% discount for all Science Gallery members (

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