Bats - Red In Tooth And Claw

Bats – Red In Tooth And Claw Launch

Bats - Red In Tooth And ClawBats launch their debut album Red In Tooth And Claw on Saturday August 29th in Andrews Lane Theatre.

Bats launch their debut album Red In Tooth And Claw on Saturday August 29th in Andrews Lane Theatre, with Adebisi Shank and Jogging also playing.

The Richter Collective Proudly Presents The Launch of Bats debut album – “Red in Tooth & Claw

Formed in 2006 by complex molecules, BATS have been dispersing their audio seed throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe with fervent vigour. Their debut E.P ‘Cruel Sea Scientist’ was released in late 2007 to much critical acclaim, and soon after the leatherwings were signed to independent label The Richter Collective. Their blend of visceral but catchy post-punk/hardcore/metal and scientific musings has attracted a wide spectrum of fans that continues to grow steadily.
Much of 2008 was spent writing new material and performing live with such heavyweights as These Arms Are Snakes, The Locust, Liars, Sebadoh, Chrome Hoof and Gang Gang Dance. In March 2009 these dynamic mammals crossed the Atlantic to record their debut full-length, ‘Red in Tooth & Claw’, with Kurt Ballou (Converge) in Godcity Studios, located in the icy heart of Salem, Massachusetts.

Adebisi Shank
Adebisi Shank are an electric, energetic, loud band from Ireland Taking their cue from acts such as Battles, Oxes and Lite, their debut LP “This is the album of a band called Adebisi Shank” shines through with rays of inventiveness that would teach a few of their contemporaries a thing or two in the art of writing, without ever leaning into the self indulgent persuasions many have fallen ill to when attempting this sort of ‘art noise’. Adebisi Shanks debut album is now available on limited edition 10” vinyl from the Richter Collective . They are currently about to embark on their second tour of Japan with Lite .

Jogging awakened in early 2009. There are 3 G’s in the word Jogging. There are 3 people in the band Jogging. It is pronounced with a heavy ‘J’. Jogging. So far they have played some gigs with Parts & Labor, Crystal Antlers, Ponytail, Adebisi Shank, BATS, Elk, Wounds and Hooray For Humans. Their debut EP should see the light of day by the end of 2009 and there will be plenty more shows throughout the year. The EP is as yet unnamed but the title will most definitely not be a play upon the word ‘Jogging’ (eg, ‘Jography, ‘Jog Your Memory’, ‘Taking the Jog For A Walk’ or anything like that)
Bats’ Red In Tooth And Claw Launch, with Adebisi Shank & Jogging
Andrews Lane Theatre
Saturday 29th August
Doors 10pm Sharp

Tickets are on sale now from

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